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Venus Transition, how it will look like – Stellarium Simulation

Well, i am kind of person inspired by science, especially space science. Recently came across the news (website link mentioned at the end of this article) about one of our sibling Planet Venus is transiting its position and comes exactly between Earth and the Sun, so that Venus will be visible in the day while Crossing the Sun, but should not be viewed through naked eye.

I am so curious about to know how it will look like in the sky on June 6th 5:50 Am IST during the Dawn, since it was also informed Venus will be crossing sun  even before sun rises for India. So We Indians will be able to see the 4 hours of this Spectacular sight. This occurs only in 105 and 122 Years, If we miss it now, then we need to wait for next 105 years and this is incredible.

Out of this curiosity, i just installed Stellarium – A Open Source Planetorium software, which brings you the real sky experience and real time happenings in your Computer. You can travel to future and come back to past (meant about viewing sky happenings) using this Software. So i thought of spotting this Spectacular event in Stellarium to see how it will look like and also i post the screenshot which i took using it and the steps to reproduce 🙂

Note:- I assume you have already downloaded and installed Stellarium in your machine and the steps below works irrespective of the Operating System you use (whatever it is GNU/Linux or Windows or Mac OS)

Step 1:- Set your default location

Start the Stellarium Software and now we need to set our place in Stellarium, so that we make sure it simulates exactly as we see from the place which we live in. To set location press F6 and the type the location or scroll and find it in the list available, if your location is not available select the nearest one.

Click to Enlarge the image

Note:- make sure you also put a ‘ tick ‘ at the check box ” Use as default ” at the bottom-left corner.

Step 2:- Travelling to Future

You can navigate directions using Left and Right arrow keys at the ground and Top and bottom arrow keys for aerial and ground view.
Now its time to set the exact time in the software at which according to news released venus is going to transit. Press F5 and now you should be able to get the Date and Time Settings, so change the date to June 6th 2012 (applies for Indian Time Zone) and the time to ” 6 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds ” , if you are not sure refer the below screenshot.

Changing the Timezone

Step 3:- Zoom – In, We are done

We are already done, in order to find any object in the sky using this software all we need to do is to press F3 and type the name of the object, Eg:- “Sun” and press enter, in this case we don’t need to search for Venus, as you might already spotted out Sun out there, just scoll your Mouse wheel or make gestures in your laptop’s trackpad to Zoom-In towards the sun and keep on until you see a small black spot over the Sun. Whoa.. this is how it will look like at the above mentioned Date and time on the sky..  Now click on the black spot over the sun and this is Venus. You can get descriptions on the top-left on the objects you have selected 🙂

Click to Enlarge

Friends don’t miss this Spectacular event live on June 6th early morning during Dawn. Be sure not to see it through naked eye. I hope this link should be very useful to you and serves as a guide with loads of information about this event along with tricks on how to see it live on that day 🙂

Hope you had good time reading this, Keep sharing to others as they enjoy like how you enjoyed this event 😀