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Install Linux from USB Drive

You have showed your Linux box to your friends and they are too attracted towards linux and wanted to install your favorite distribution in his Desktop or laptop too. So what will you do next? Get a CD and burn the setup of linux in it?  Oh no.. it takes time to do that stuff and even when you boot from CD/DVD due to frequent Read/Write access to the disk to fetch data takes time to relocate the head. So for now the best option is to boot from USB.

For this first you need the .iso file of the distro and save it in your hard disk or download it from the Official page of that distro. There is a tool in Ubuntu to make it easy. The name of the tool is ” UNETBOOTIN”.

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Step 1: Open the Ubuntu Software center either from the Unity Dash bar or from the Ubuntu Unity launcher.

Step 2: In the Ubuntu Software Center type “UnetBootin” in the search bar.

Step 3: Install the application and after installing it you can find it again from the Unity Launcher and type “UnetBootIn” and you can find the installed application and click on it to run.

Step 4: You will get the application launched and if you want to download iso from internet choose the first radio button which is selected by default and select your distribution and version. This will download the distro from internet.

Step 5: Or else if you already have the .iso file of your distro you can select the Diskimage radio button below and specify the path/location which contains the .iso file. and finally choose the usb media device where you want to install linux and click on OK. The process will occur and will be completed in couple of minutes or even before.

Step 6: Now you can insert the USB drive to the target system and Boot from the USB drive by changing the boot menu order and install Linux from it.

Comments on: "Install Linux from USB Drive" (3)

  1. Thanks. very useful da.

  2. hi actually UneBootln very simple one to make linux bootable usb.. i try out this same way to create windows xp bootable disk.. before create a bootable usb i was formated my usb in NTFS format using GParted then i try to write iso file to usb using UneBootln but didnt show my usb drive… but the earlier version of UneBootln had a ‘show all device’ option.

    • Are you using ubuntu? if so what version of Ubuntu or other linux you are using? It works fine in my Ubuntu 11.10 box, shows my USB drives.

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