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Fedora 16 – Surprising Indicator

Very recently got an iPhone and even installed Fedora 16 (recently released) in my laptop.
When i wanted to charge my Iphone via USB-Cable, I connected it with my laptop USB port.
when i want to check laptop battery status for my surprise there i found two charge indicators.
1. Laptop Battery charge status.
2. Iphone Battery charge status.

Here is the Screenshot i took at that time of charging.

I have never found such a thing in any Operating system by default.
Fedora 16 + Gnome 3.2 interface really rocks.

Comments on: "Fedora 16 – Surprising Indicator" (2)

  1. iPhone? The two extremes — Fedora the champion of free software which doesn’t include non-free components and iPhone the evil force πŸ™‚ Is Android not working well?

    • Hi swapnil, here Iphone i mentioned because i had it with me figured out, i hope every smart phone is detected. And even Fedora gives support to integrate iphone with Rythmbox player. Today devices have become universal and our Free Open Source community have to give support to everything πŸ™‚

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