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Fedora 15 – Lovelock With Gnome 3

I haven’t used Fedora as a dedicated OS, but i have tried it in VirtualBox.

Till Fedora 14, it was Gnome 2 Desktop interface and now its a next generation Desktop that comes with Gnome 3.

When i looked at Gnome’s official site ” ” i was stunned by Gnome’s next generation interface. Really looks attractive.

I am eager to try this release.

Screen shot of Fedora's Official Site.

Am sure that this release will be a big hit for RedHat Community. Experience a next generation desktop with Gnome 3.

You can get Fedora 15 new release from here:

The Fact here is that you can have Fedora as a Third Os (Triple Boot) with Ubuntu, Windows along your hard disk.

And if you need help in installing Fedora 15, here is the link that contains online Manual compiled by Muktware:

Comments on: "Fedora 15 – Lovelock With Gnome 3" (1)

  1. gnome 3 is totally different…..
    will take some time gettin used to!

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