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Configuring MTS, BSNL & Reliance USB Modem in Ubuntu

Plug-in your modem now:

1. In the Task Bar of the Desktop at the top, go to the right side and you will see a icon like Signal being Transmitted from a Point with Exclamatory point (!)

2. Left click on it and you can see a menu as ” VPN CONNECTIONS -> “

3. Click on that arrow and now you will see a submenu -> ” Configure “

4. Click on it. You will get a pop up window as ” Network Connections “

5. Now select the ” Mobile Broadband ” tab and then click on ” Add “.

6. Now a window showing the Manufacturer of your device appears with title as “Set up a Mobile Broadband Connection “. ( note: if it says as Any device, no issues continue )

7. Choose the country to be India ( if your provider is in India ).

8. Now choose your Provider from the list shown. If your provider is not listed then type the name of the provider in the box below the list after checking the radio button.

9. If you have reliance modem then type ” Reliance “, If your have Bsnl then type “Bsnl”, If you have Mts then type “MTS”.

10. And it is important to select the proper technology used by your Provider depends upon Modem, For reliance Netconnect and Mbrowse use ” 1xRTT/EVDO” and if it is BSNL 3G modem then choose the first option ” UMTS,HSDPA “.

11. now click on forward and again do that.

12. You will be asked for the username and a password to connect.(Generally this username and password will be same as Sim-card number of Modem ). In case of MTS modem, the username is ” ” and default password is “123”.

13. Dont forget to put a tick on the checkbox before ” Available to All Users ” and click on Apply. you will be asked for the Administrative Privileges.

14. Type the Superuser password which was set during the Ubuntu Installation.

15. When done click on Authenticate. if the password is correct you are done connected to internet.

Comments on: "Configuring MTS, BSNL & Reliance USB Modem in Ubuntu" (4)

  1. much easier to configure ur wireless modem using wvdial!!!!!

  2. hi, i followed ur above step set and get my device name in internet menu but still network is in offline i m unable to connect with internet i hv mts connection and using ubuntu 10.4 when i tried it so many times then i also get DBus error pplz help me…

  3. Mohibbul Ameen said:

    very useful information

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