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Today I got an opportunity to participate in a live television show in a local cable network organized by Pondicherry Science Forum as a part of celebrating ‘World Book Reading Week’.

Along with me was Murugavel, one of the secretary of PSF. The objective of this live show was to talk about Books in Digital Era. It’s an 1 hour show. So the talk was around Ebooks, the open formats, DRM (Digital Restriction Management), Ebooks Store, Market Monopoly / Oligopoly, Publishing Industry, Open Access, Creative Commons, etc.,

Viewers can also make a call through telephone to interact with us. We received a total of 6 calls throughout the hour. One such question was from a medical student who is doing her final year project and wanted access for previously published research journals and papers. She wanted Free access for those papers.

Another caller asked us whether downloading and reading an ebook from Internet would create any issue of copyright violation.

These questions only reflects what the society needs or that the so called ‘Free market’ is slowing becoming obsolete in the age of Digital Commons. Though the market has put these devices into the hands of people, but the industry still holds the control for distribution / access of knowledge.

While the society is striving for freedom of knowledge, the market is in the opposite direction. Let us try to push it further for afford-ability too. It is only possible through Free Culture.

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