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I have come across many tools available for recording our desktop, such as Record My Desktop, Desktop recorder, Eidete (this was available only for Ubuntu).
Currently i am using Fedora 16 “Verne” Operating system and needed a lightweight and a fast desktop recorder which renders the video as soon as the video capture is completed.

The above mentioned Record My Desktop, Desktop recorder, consumes more time to render the video after recording. When i searched through the repository of Gnome applications in Fedora Repository, i came across “BYZANZ” and found it very lightweight command line utility which records the video in “.ogv, .webm, .mp4, .flv , etc” formats and renders the video very faster. Here, i will show how to install and use it in your Fedora system.

Step 1 – To Install, Open Terminal and type the below command:

sudo yum install byzanz


su –
yum install byzanz

Step 2 – To see the options available to use:

byzanz-record –help

Step 3: To record the video without audio:

byzanz-record –duration=20 -c testing.webm

The above command will record the video in .webm format with ‘testing.webm’ as file name and for 20 seconds and -c indicates where the cursor moves the video will be captured to that window.

Step 4: To record the video with audio:

byzanz-record –duration=20 -c -a testing.webm

‘-a’ indicates recording of audio.


Comments on: "A Lightweight & fast Desktop Recorder for Fedora" (3)

  1. Thanks for hint, it’s exact I need.

  2. Thanks saved my time…I asked this question on Opensource Facebook Group but nobody answered but I found the answer now..

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