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LAMP – Linux Apache Mysql Php, is the package for Linux Operating systems as a stack. You can install Apache web server, MySql Database, Php Server scripting language, in a single command from terminal. Here is the command you have to enter in the terminal of your Ubuntu Operating System:

sudo apt-get install tasksel
sudo  tasksel

Now select LAMP Server in the menu by using arrow keys to navigate and spacebar to select it and then press Tab to go to button and click on it.

Now let it install the LAMP Package and when it prompts for the Mysql password enter it and continue the installation.

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When the installation is completed, verify the installation by the following commands in terminal:

which php

The above command will display the the path of php and this confirms the installation of Php.

service apache2 status

This will display the status of the Apache Server, whether it is running or not.

mysql -uroot -p

The above command will prompt for the Mysql Database password and enter the password you have set during installation and then press enter.


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