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I have already posted about our product Whiz-Chat. Now we are currently working in it to embed some of the Gmail, Google Plus, Google Docs services in it. So soon the name of our Product is subjected to change. And this is not only, the Chat application but can do some interesting stuffs from your Black and White Terminal. Currently this is an application that runs on Linux terminals and we have developed this using Ruby Programming language (Ruby version 1.8), you can install Ruby version 1.8 in Windows and Mac Operating systems and use this application. Here is the link to install Ruby in Windows operating system. The GitHub page will be updated as soon as we release the next version of our App. Please suggest your name for the app at ”


Comments on: "Whiz-Chat to be renamed soon" (2)

  1. Hi. It looks tasted. But why do not the chat support facebook?

    • Yes it doesn’t support Facebook chat. The reason is that we have implemented using XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) which most of the chat plugins use, the same was also followed by Facebook but they have their own implementation of XMPP which is supported in Python but not in Ruby 1.8 and this is the reason that we are converging it everything towards Google. Since this is an Open Source Product, you can contribute to us, if you are interested . Thanks for your Comment.

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