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Have you ever encrypted your file in Linux to keep it secure? If not here is a very simple, but secured way to protect it.

gpg – GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) is a command line tool in linux and Unix-Operating Systems that secure communication data and data storage. It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital signatures. It includes an advanced key management facility.

Now here is the Step-by-Step manual to ENCRYPT any file in Linux:

Step 1:  Open Terminal, In Ubuntu (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)

Step 2: Now to encrypt a picture or image file or any file which you wanted to do so:

gpg -c filename.jpg

Step 3: It will prompt for the passphrase, so enter the passphrase, i.e password to encrypt the file and please remember this password because only using this you can decrypt and get back the original file.

Step 4: A new file with ” filename.jpg.gpg ” will be created and now you can delete the original file, i.e ” filename.jpg “.

Step 5: Now your file is secured, and to decrypt back your file to get back the original file use this,

gpg filename.jpg.gpg

Step 6: This time it will prompt for the Passphrase which you used to encrypt this file. This is how you can Encrypt and Decrypt your files, so they are secured.

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