My personal blog around GNU/Linux

The commands in Linux are always ahead of GUI menus.
When you get GUI menus, you can see and click only on the available options.
But when you are using Commands you can go beyond your limitations. This is why Linux is too powerfull.
You can also get equivalent GUI for those commands.

Let me show you a command for extracting the Information about the PDF file using a single command

Step 1: Open Terminal. In Ubuntu ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal )

Step 2: Browse to the Directory where the pdf file is present using the “cd” command.

Step 3: Now execute the following command.

sp@Pras_linux:~/Documents$ pdfinfo my_file.pdf

You will get a output something like this which gives the information about pdf file.

Producer: iText# by Gerald Henson (r0.95 of, based on version Paulo build 103)
CreationDate: Fri Feb 26 23:46:17 2010
Tagged: no
Pages: 55
Encrypted: no
Page size: 595 x 842 pts (A4)
File size: 651703 bytes
Optimized: no
PDF version: 1.4

Step 4: To know more about this command check the man page. ” man pdfinfo “.


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