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Today i learnt how to extract all the images from the PDF(Portable Document Format) file using single command via Terminal.
I would love to share it with you. Please follow the below steps to do so.

Step 1: Open the terminal. In Ubuntu ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal ).

Step 2: Browse to the pdf file using the ‘cd’ command.
spv@Pras_linux:~$ cd Downloads/
spv@Pras_linux:~$ ls

Step 3: Now execute the command as below.

spv@Pras_linux:~$ pdfimages -j my_file.pdf  pic

This will extract all images from my_file.pdf and save them in JPEG format (option -j) to pic-000.jpg, pic-001.jpg, pic-002.jpg, etc.

Step 4: You can refer to Man page of pdfimages by entering ” man pdfimages

Thanks to Mr. Tha. Suresh (ILUGC) who taught us this command.


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