My personal blog around GNU/Linux

Giver – An Easy file sharing tool:

1. Installing Giver in Ubuntu:

To install Giver in your ubuntu system type the following command in your terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal )

$ sudo apt-get install giver

It requires super user password and installs in a fraction of seconds.

2. To Access Giver:

Applications -> Internet -> Giver

3. Usage:

It lists all the users present in your network and when you click on the user displayed you

will get two options to select:

1. Give a File.

2. Give a Folder.

‘Give a File’ works fine for me but ‘Give a folder’ doesnt work when i tried. If it works for you please let me know.

When you want to send a file to a user just click on ‘Give a File’, and it will ask to browse for the file.

When you are done the end user will recieve a pop-up to whether to Accept or Reject a file.

Here is the Project page of Giver:


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