My personal blog around GNU/Linux

This page shows you how to create video tutorials or how to record your own desktop in Linux (Ubuntu).

1. A system running Linux ( i ill assume ubuntu )
2. Desktop Recorder (recordmydesktop) package.

Step 1: Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center

Step 2: In the Search bar of the Software Center type ” Desktop Recorder “. You may see many Software available there. Let us start with Desktop Recorder

Step 3: Click on Install and after installed goto Applications -> Sound and Video -> Desktop recorder.

Desktop Recorder

Step 4: Click on Select the window button and then select the window which you want to be in the video.

Select the Window to Record it

Step 5: Click on Record and your Desktop Recorder will minimize into application bar.

Step 6: When you think its time to end the recording click on the Stop button on the Application Bar.

Step 7: Your video will be compiled to OGG format and saved into Video Directory by default.


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